'Innovation has No Master'


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Daniel Lappin BA, CMP


These experiential training and onsite massage programs I offer arise from an uncommon skill set.


For over 40 years I have struggled with a disabling medical condition that defied the knowledge of the physicians and integrated health practitioners whom I consulted. 

Painfully over decades, this health condition became a source of innovation, discovery and creativity.  It forced me to searched broadly for health solutions.  Over time, I found solutions buried in the recesses of Western medical research and hidden in remote pockets of cultural healing traditions. 


In addition to searching outside for solutions, I was compelled to explore innate, internal contemplation and meditation.  Initially, without any instruction or guidance from teachers.  Not only from a level of  psychology, mind and emotion, but into deep brain and visceral organ function to alter the crippling symptoms that he experienced.  


For over 15 years, with skills and bodywork, I  have helped hundreds of people from all walks of life to dissolve the complicated stress that was a co-factor to their illness.  Furthermore, I supported hundreds of clients (artists, engineers, entrepreneurs, executives and others), to dissolve the stress that was blocking their personal and professional life.  (see: Creative Expression,   and see:   Creatives, Dreamers, and Healers)


This  journey became the foundation for the Creativity curriculum I offer. (Link)


Today I participate in medical and health industry events to repair the gaps in healthcare that I fell in,  so that others do not suffer as I have.  I am a guest presenter at the UCSF Medical Center's Integrated Medicine Network.  


Previously, I worked in hi-tech sales, and education marketing. 


I have a BA in Economics from the University of Chicago.


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