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Creative Tension 2.0
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Creative Tension 2.0 is a culture building, creativity and performance program


for artists, designers, techies, professionals, teams and business.


~ Customized for you or your Team ~



Creative Tension 2.0 helps your or your team to build mind-body skills to:


A) Strengthen resilience, enhance creativity and design, and work better as a team.

B) Individually and as a team, overcome challenges, tension, stress and conflict from any source. 


The program engages you or your team in dialogue, somatic experiences, and team building exercises to create:


1. A common understanding of,

2. A shared language for,

3. Shared mind-body practices,


to address stress-resilience-creativity-productivity issues - and refine your culture.


The program helps your team transform the stress response into a resilience response.  Specifically, how to remain effective under stress and pressure to support all personal and business activity. 


The program is customized to your current culture, product offerings, and industry to produce systemic productivity and morale benefits for your team and business.


Creative Tension is:


How you ride a natural energy that exists between you and your challenge

to transform tension into ideas, opportunity, synchronicity, growth and value.

Balancing an assertive push with a natural flow.  



    An Innovative, Experiential Toolkit Built upon:


   Mind-Body, Somatics, Brain Science, Meditation, Humor & Play

    Sports & Fitness Performance, Massage & Bodywork,

    Integrated Health & Wellness, Art & Humanities. 

    Work place Wellness.



 Especially Designed for Healthcare and Life Sciences Teams.



Content of this Webpage:
  1. Evolve Workplace Wellness with Creativity to Support your Business Goals
  2. 20 Years of Client Experience and Case Studies.
  3. Toxic Over-Threshold Stress
  4. Culture Building - By Many Names  
  5. Stress-Resilience Physiology ais a Foundation for all Business Activitie
  6. Performance Work Cycles, Micro-fitness Rituals, High Synchronicity Teams
  7. Avoiding Analytical and Technology Stress
  8. Program Formats
  9. Unique Integration:  Mind-Body Skills Enhanced by Massage
  10. What are Mind-Body Skills? Why are They Beneficial?
  11. Explore Onsite Massage
  12. Testimonials: Creative, Business, Massage
  13. About Daniel Lappin
  14. Contact         



Evolve Workplace Wellness with Creativity to Support your Business Goals



Navigate Challenges ~ Avoid Toxic Stress



Creative Tension 2.0 takes mind-body principles found in workplace wellness programs, adds creative thinking skills,  and shapes them into stress-resilience, performance, communication, relationship, problem solving, and visioning skills that support all aspects of your business.   These skills give you a tool kit to address and help solve any form of  stress and tension, on the job or in your personal life.


Most businesses and their employees are unaware of the deep, subtle impact of stress upon a wide range of performance factors, from cognitive function, to emotional satisfaction, to health. 


The program helps to shape your organizational culture for resilience to avoid toxic stress that can derail your relationships, team, project or company. 


The program delivers innovative experiences to help you cultivate a culture of creative tension, where challenges lift and inspire you, and you avoid toxic, over threshold, stress.    The program brings simple, practical and advanced skills to build a culture of stress-resilience, team synchronicity, creativity and performance - and more. A creative addition to your workplace wellness programs.


The program elevates a fundamental conversation in your organization: what are the physiology of stress-resilience mechanisms, and how do they effect mental, emotional, physical, communication and relationship factor - both at the job and in our personal lives. The curriculum brings fresh insights from health and brain science, integrated health, mind-body practices, somatics and other fields.


This curriculum fits at the core of your culture building efforts.  It is a foundation that influences your conversations about organizational purpose, mission, values, behavior, recognition, rituals and messaging.  The presence or absence of mind-body-somatic practices in your team are a foundation for everything that happens in your organization - your successes as well as your misfires.


With engaging, fun experiences, the curriculum elevates awareness and teaches tangible anatomy and physiology principles and skills.



20 Years of Client Experience and Case Studies


The program is based upon 20 years of work with stress and illness clients, observing how over-threshold stress not only contibutes to illness, but disrupts cognitive and emotional function, personal and family relationships, impairs occupations, and one's sense of self in the world.



Toxic Stress will Cripple your Team, Derail your Brain, Twist your Body and Distort your Perception. 


From 20 years of observations, general patterns of toxic stress include:


You can get blind and trapped in the stress.                              Your attention becomes hyper narrow, losing big picture perspective.. 

Your attention becomes disoriented, losing focus.                   You externalize, project problems onto others, and blame them. 

Your physical body loses integration.                                          Your relationship with people becomes distorted.

You can become numb to the environment.                               Your cognitive processing becomes impaired.

Your sensory perception becomes impaired.                             You become hyper fixated in patterns. 

You become more defensive.                                                         You 'push' versus 'flow'.

You become sick more easily.                                                        Your ability to collaborate is impaired.

And more.


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Culture Building - By Many Names



Creative tension      Attitude       Inner game       Mental game       Performance ritual


Flow state        Reset         Fitness practice     In the zone      Mental aikido     Unwind


Resiliency       De-compress     Mindfulness      Wellness     Check-in



Each person has their own style of w0rking, creativity, performance, self awareness, collaboration, presence - and stress and resiliency.   And, when all members of a team share compatible beliefs, attitude and practices the team benefits.  Effectiveness becomes embedded in the culture.


This program guides your team with practical, mind-body-somatic tools and experiences to refine their personal practice.  Your team participates in group experiences that elevate awareness of mind-body-somatic factors in relationship, presence, stress-resilience, creativity, collaboration, communication, conflict resolution, synchronicity - and more.  Your team learns and experiences these elements together, elevating cultural effectiveness.


The program supports each team member to cultivate their own personal style and practice, so they they 'come from within'. That their efforts, designs, coding, or products are influenced by their personal inner expression, values, and desires to contribute.  That their inner passion is engaged in their work and team collaboration. 


This becomes the shared expereince, practice, and language of your creative culture

- how the organization navigates challenges and avoids toxic stress.



The program is like oxygen for your team so they flow like water.




Stress-Resilience Physiology is a Foundation for all Business Activity

Stress-resilience skills are an invisible factor in everything that happens in your organization.  By elevating stress-resilience awareness and skills, the entire organization benefits.

Visioning            Emotional regulation            Relationships            Conflict resolution     Speed


Inquiry      Planning       Flexibility        Simplicity     Synchronicity      Decision making     


Systems thinking       Integration       Empathy      Design       Confidence      Action


Community      Wellness      Presence



Performance Work Cycles

Micro-fitness Rituals


High Synchronicity Teams



This program invites you prepare for your daily challenges as you would train for a sporting event, a fitness or yoga class, a  meditation retreat, a theater performance, or public speaking event.  Train the mind and the body.


Building upon the principle of exertion/recovery from sports training, this program introduces the concept of 'micro-fitness', an innovative tactic for you to use multiple times a day to support your focus, performance, relationships and wellness.  It is a brief bundle of techniques, 10 to 30 seconds or longer, that activate and align your mind and body to the task at hand - whether it is a creative, analytical or logistic task. Specifically, these techniques counter-act the effects of excess stress that disrupt your capacity to function. 


The micro-fitness techniques are implemented into performance work cycles.  A work cycles is a 24 hour rhythmic process of work/exertion and recovery.  The innovative tactics of this program help you work smarter, stay more connected with your team, and stay more healthy.


This program supports high synchronicity teams with mind-body techniques that reinforce mental, emotional and physical attributes of synchronicity,  such as shared meaning, shared emotion, shared expression, and shared physiology.


And, skills to reduce stress factors that erode synchronicity, such as physiology techniques to reduce conflict, and repair relationships.


     These skills and methods are drawn from a wide range of disciplines, including:


Mind-Body, Somatics, Brain Science, Meditation, Humor and Play

Sports & Fitness, Massage & Bodywork,

Integrated Health & Wellness, Art & Humanities.



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Mountain Meditation


Avoiding Analytical and Technology Stress


The speed and pressure of business often causes excess mental, analytical stress. 


People get frozen to their screens and keyboards. This creates ergonomic stress patterns; hands become claws on the keyboard, eyes become fixated, and the neck and shoulders go into pain. People can get stuck in over-thinking and excess precision.


Long term this is detrimental to productivity. 


This program helps build resilience skills to prevent and unlock these stress patterns.



                  TEch analytical people
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Program Formats
This Program Integrates
- Mind-Body skills from Integrated Health,
Meditation, Sports, and the Arts.   (More)
- Participatory/Experiential formats
- Onsite Massage  (More)
Customized to your Needs - In Multiple  Formats
- Consultation
- Lunch and learns
- Onsite workshops
- Integrated onsite massage (see below)
- Coaching
- Organizational survey
- Ongoing series
- Off-sites
- Keynote presentations
Unique Integration:  Mind-Body Skills Enhanced by Massage
The curriculum supports the participant to have an inner experience of these skills to enhnace their wellness and team behavior.   The participants are invited to integrate their new skills with an onsite massage.  The massage embeds the skills deeper into their behavior.

Sample implementation:
  1. Participants attend an experiential, skill building workshop.
  2. Participants are invited to receive a table (or chair) massage.
  3. In the massage session,  the new skills are reinforced using a guided mind-body relaxation and awareness process (optional).
  4. At their next massage,  the participant's progress implementing the skills are discussed. This coaching process helps embed the skills into long term behavioral practices.
What are Mind-Body Skills?  Why are they Beneficial?

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Explore Onsite Massage 
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                                               Table Massage                                   Chair Massage
Onsite Massage Provided for:
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 ~ Testimonials: Creatives & Artists ~
Design woman
“It has all been simple and easy to implement and integrate this performance and wellness approach into my business and personal routine. It is now second nature.”
“The way that you ask questions and integrate all levels was amazing for me.”
“All the pieces of my stressed life came together. Things became much clearer, simpler and organized.”
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~ Testimonials: Business ~



"I wish I had learned these skills earlier in my career"


B. L., Newly Appointed Regional Manager

7 Branches, 300 Employees

National Financial Services Firm


"Little did I know that meeting you this past April would open a door that would improve my business performance, my health and quality of my personal relationships. And as surprising, it has all been simple and easy to implement and integrate this performance and wellness approach into my business and personal routine. It is now second nature."


R., Creative Director, Boutique Media Company


"I recommend Daniel unequivocally. I have a high-stress profession, and he has been incredibly responsive with therapies ranging from massage, aromatherapy, and supplement suggestions. He quickly identifies the problem at hand, and provides both support and interventions as warranted. His intuitive understanding of neurophysiology continues to amaze. His massage technique is second to none."


L., Expert Legal Witness, San Francisco, Ca



“Fantastic massage therapist!  He really listens to you. He has been a lifesaver during my busy tax season.”


MS, Tax and Audit professional, San Rafael, CA

~ Testimonials: Onsite Massage ~
 Thumbtack  Independent Reviews from         
“Daniel arrived promptly, was very personable, and an obvious expert in his field. I would recommend Daniel.”
- Jocelyn B.

“Daniel was informative and professional throughout the booking process as well as in providing the actual services. Our office team enjoyed his visit here and we hope to have him come back again.” - Brenda T.

“Daniel was super professional, he made our employees feel comfortable and it was a very successful afternoon! Thanks Daniel, we really needed your services and you were beyond our expectations!” Camila R.

“Daniel was amazing. He did a chair massage event for my company and everyone loved him. He is responsive, professional and most importantly he was on time!” - Valerie N.

“Daniel provided massage services to our employees on site. Daniel is very professional and you can tell he knows what he is doing. Employees loved this benefit. Highly recommend him.” - Carolyn G.

“Daniel provided outstanding service to us at NorthBay Hospital's Nurses week onsite massage event! He provided thoughtful insight on how we could make this first ever event better and exceptional service onsite during the event. We would definitely hire him again.” - Shawnee R.

“Absolutely fantastic. thanks Daniel!” - Guy O.

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About Daniel Lappin BA, CMT


Innovation has no Master.


Every entrepreneur, innovator, creative and designer brings a unique perspective to their work.

Often their unique perspecitve is fueled by a desire, a tension, conflict, or a pain.  Something that drives them to create the solution they present to the world. 


My offering is the same.  


As do many innovators, I have a story.  Mine is HERE. 


Daniel Lappin, BA, CMP 
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