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Creatives, Dreamers & Healers
Cello artist                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              



Artistic & Creative Clients have included


Writers                                   Musicians                       Modeling                                       Package Design

Designers                               Dancers                          Professional Speakers                Computer Animation

Architecture                          Media                              Visual Artists

Advertising                            Jewelry Design             Curriculum Development


Testimonials from Artists & Creatives
Linda Graham Bouce                                                                  
“In the year before receiving my book contract, sessions with Daniel gave me insights and helped organize key points of the book.   He is a skilled, experienced healer, sensitive to the deep messages of the psyche locked in the deep energy of the body.   At times I keep a note pad next to the massage table, or rushed home to write down ideas. I couldn’t have done it with out him.”


I have found, in my personal work with him and from the reports of many folks I have referred to him, old pockets of trauma and survival responses dissolve, session after session, until there is an undreamed of freedom of expression.  It isn't just that the body moves more freely; the entire being of the person moves more freely. He is a wise and extraordinarily effective practitioner."

Many thanks, 
Linda Graham, MFT
Award Winning Author
'Bouncing Back: The Neuroscience of Recovering Resilience'

"I was in dance rehearsal after our session together and remembered what you shared about the physiology of the body. I had an insight into the pain I have felt in my ears.  I have had this pain for decades and never before made this profound connect between old emotions and the physical pain. This insight gave me new freedom in my body to move and express.   Thank you!"

L. R. - Performing Artist

"Little did I know that meeting you this past April would open a door that would improve my business performance, my health and quality of my personal relationships. And as surprising, it has all been simple and easy to implement and integrate this performance and wellness approach into my business and personal routine. It is now second nature."


R. R., Creative Director

Boutique Media Company                



"Thank you for helping me keep my mind and body together as I prepare for my days of 10 hour photo shoots."

JM – Professional Model.



"Daniel, the session yesterday changed my life.  It was the most powerful and transformative healing session I have ever had.

It opened and cleared places in me of stuck energy, past wounding, deep sorrow, and protection.

I am able to inhabit my physical and energetic bodies with new curiosity, respect, comfort, joy, and refuge.

For the very first time in a bodywork session I had an experience of being in the womb and feeling myself completed and connected.  I also unearthed my 10 yr old self and my secret garden, This was amazing and helped me reconnect to myself. I have a new sense of calm permission to be exactly who i am. what a gift!

I am so deeply grateful for our work together." 


M. H., Children’s Music Teacher




"Thank you for the session, All the pieces of my stressed life came together. Things became much clearer, simpler and organized."


N. E.

Package designer, 

Biotechnology company.



"Daniel, I wanted to thank you again for your time and healing. It was an amazing experience and I am feeling literally Lighter in Spirit. ... I wish I had studied massage with you!  Big hugs and gratitude."

Pamela, Jewelry Designer

"The session was like a vision quest – it was amazing."


T. M., Herbalist and healer



The way that you ask questions and integrate all levels was amazing for me; along with your energy and your own conspicuousness context.  There was soooo much space, it freed up all kinds of energies in me.  I literally felt things opening and flowing.


The next morning, I wrote in my journal, processing through the actual things that were troublesome in present time, and it all fell into place.  That soul energy did move!  I am clear on what I need to do!


There was also an additional piece around my science fiction writing and soul purpose … the connections were fantastic!


I found it wondrous, unlike anything I've experienced before, and it's why I'd like to experience more.  That's rare for me."


Z. G

Science Fiction Writer, Intuitive Healer



What could I truthfully express to you other than my gratitude and love?


You prepared me for the trials I would face …


It was there, Daniel, that (my) eyes came alive, the Mythic event, the fairy tale, the legend that a kind and wise man once told me about while we sat beside a River of Light: In the reflection of the dimly lit mirror I saw the sparkle in the eyes.

I witnessed the purest form of communication, an art form, pure unadulterated feeling.

The language of the soul.  For the first time, I transmitted to myself love.  For the first time, I was one with myself.


I know now my destiny. That thing in life that gives meaning to everything I do. My Mythic Substance.


And I have made a choice.
I have chosen to sit upon a Throne,
And to sit upon it proudly.

I am the King of Hearts,
And I walk the path of a Warrior of the Light.

Wherever I go,
I will keep my heart open.
Whatever I do,
I will spread Happiness.

With Love, Light, and a Gratitude beyond words,


Thank you Daniel

PK, Musician, Yoga Instructor