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Hemp CBD




Sunsoil makes their CBD coconut oil with just two simple ingredients: organic hemp and organic coconut oil. This full spectrum, whole plant CBD coconut oil can be consumed orally (as-is), used in recipes, or applied topically.

Calming, Centering, Stress reduction Herbs and Nutrients

‘Stress Free’  Herbal blend

by Planetary Herbs


GABA sublinguals
GABA is one of the main inhibitory neurotransmitters in the body.  Promotes a calm,steady mind.  GABA is derived from Glutamate, an amino acid.  See below, under Umami taste, for future description.  Or link here:  Info
B Vitamins are crucial to reduce the stress response, especially at peak levels of stress.
Caution: adverse effects can occur with excess consumption of B Vitamins.

Source Naturals
Co-enzymate B complex

This is a mega-dose nutrient.
The co-factors help the B Vitamins absorb.
B vitamins go more directly to blood stream with sublingual.-Vitamins:

B Vitamins are crucial to reduce the stress response, especially at peak levels of stress.
Caution: adverse effects can occur with excess consumption of B Vitamins.

Source Naturals
Co-enzymate B complex

This is a mega-dose nutrient.
The cofactors help the B Vitamins absorb.
B vitamins go more directly to blood stream with sublingual.
Melatonin has many benefits:
  1. Its is a sleep aid 
  2. It in a potent antioxidant
  3. And resaerch shows it reduces stress.
Of significance, is that melatonin is produced in both the pineal gland to support sleep, and also IN THE SKIN, for many functions.
My hypotheses is that melatonin supplements helps reduce stress that is held in the skin.   Stress in teh skin can show up as hyper-anxiety, relationship stress, and skin disorders such as eczema.
From my experience, the natural forms of melatonin are better than the synthetic forms.

The Monmorency cherry variety, known as ‘tart cherry’,  is one of the highest natural food forms of melatonin available.




Calm your Skin


Coherence and Stress happens in the body in many ways.

One area that is poorly studied and promoted is the skin-brain mechanism.

This means that stress in your life shows up as both skin sensitivity and brain stress.


There are several solutions to calm your skin and calm your brain

Massage is a good one solution.

The other is to apply herbal infused ointments, lotions, balms and oils to your skin.


Aloe Vera


Aloe Vera is a good anti-inflammatory herb.

My favorite is herbal infused aloe vera.  A nice product is:


Burn Out Skin Fix.



You can apply a thin layer of aloe vera across your entire skin.  For me it is calming and soothing. 

My brain and body feel more clear and coherent.


All Terrain brand Aloe Gel Skin Relief




Tea Tree Therapy, Antiseptic Cream, Tea Tree and Herbal Extracts

See :

From my expereince, this product has a good stimulating, tingling, effect.



Slimspa Wellness and Relaxation gel

A very nice blend of organic herbs.  It has a mild heat to it.  My expereince is that it promotes blood circulation.  I use this every day on my feet, and feel my entire gody wake up.




Ayurvedic medicated oils:






Others skin therapies include:


Calendula gel - a soothing flower



Arnica Homeopathic gels

Recommended Arnica Product:


Peaceful Mountain 'Arnica Plus' - LINK HERE



WebMD Contraindications for Arnica - LINK HERE 

  • Pregnancy and breast-feeding
  • Allergy to ragweed and related plants
  • Broken skin
  • Digestion problems
  • Fast heart rate
  • High blood pressure
  • Surgery


A warm bath - see Epsom salt bath below.




Muscle Aches, Strains and Pain Relief


These products are based in Mentol. They are heating.


Recovery Rub - a contemporary blend of Menthol and herbs.



Tiger Balm


Bengay - a traditional menthol based product.


Other pain releif ointments


Arnica Homeopathic gels


Tea Tree Oil based




Helpful book on natural methods to support Brain Chemistry

  • Eric Braverman , MD
  • Book: The Edge Effect




Dopamine influences well being, reward, alertness, learning, creativity, attention and concentration. Dopamine also affects brain processes that control movement, emotional response and is the source of the brain’s power and energy.


A good descripttion of dopamine and methods to increase it.  Collective Evolution articles on Dopamine foods.  Link Here


Articles on Dopamine Foods and Activities


Natural News Link Here


Psychology Today Link Here


Ray Sahelian Link Here


Medhelp  Link Here


Reunitingy Link Here


Natural Society   Link Here






Oxidative stress is process, when in excess, damages cell structures in your body.  The solution to excess oxidative stress is to detoxify using antioxidants and other methods.




There are many foods and nuitrients that are antioxidants.

Sear the internet for ‘Antioxidant Foods’ and you will find a plethora of information.


A few of my favorites are:


Glutathione: a master antioxidants.


Sublingual Glutathione

In this sublingual form it has a more direct impact upon the body.




This is a premier technology to deliver glutathione.




Melatonin, often known as a sleep aid, is also one of the most powerful antioxidants.  From my experience, the natural forms of melatonin are better than the synthetic forms.


The Monmorency cherry variety, known as ‘tart cherry’,  is one of the highest natural food forms of melatonin available. 








Activated Charcoal and Clay mixture.

This  is one of the most simple and effective health remedies you can do.




Modififed Citrus Pectin

Is a more recent development in detoxification.  From my expereince, in general  it is significantly better than activated charcoal and bentonite clay. 





Oral Rehydration Solution


An Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS) is a precise formula of glucose and sodium that has been scientifically tested to facilitate hydration. An ORS activates the Sodium-Glucose Transport Mechanism of the intestinal tract, helping the intestines to physically absorb more water. An ORS is more effective than plain water to rehydrate your body.

ORS is sold over-the-counter. You do not need a prescription for it.


See:  Link here


Trace Minerals

Trace mineral are extracted from sea salt to make a mineral rich suppliment.  Add seveal drops of trace mineral to plan water.   For some people, it makes the water easy to consume.


See: Vitacost Trace Minerals


Histamine, Mast Cells, Quercetin 


  • Healing Histamine Link here
  • Information, nutrition, related topics
  • The Mastocytosis Society Link here
  • Science webinars, meet-ups, medical resources


Anti-Histamine formula:


  • Solaray Histamine Blend SP33 (Anti-histamine formula)
    • Histamine strongly influences muscles and tissue constriction in the body
  • Vitamin C plus Quercetin: Solgar ‘Quercetin Complex’.




Quercetin stabalizes the membrane of the mast cells, and prevents excess relase of histamine.


Quercetin—The Anti-Allergy Bioflavonoid



Product suggestion


Solgar Quercetin Complex with Ester-C® Plus




Essential oils


Rosemary essential oil sublingual application:  link here


Application of oils:

You may be reactive to 100% essential oils applied directly on your skin.  Some people need to mix the pure essential oil with a ‘carrier’ medium, such as lotion, jojoba oil, sesame oil, etc before it is placed on the body. 


Test the 100% pure oil:

Apply a small amount of one essential  – a small dab –  on your skin.  Then wait for 30 minutes.   Is there skin irritation, reddening or itching?   If yes, mix the oil with a carrier medium.


Initial dose:

  • Start with 3 to 4 ‘dabs’ total over your entire body.
  • Wait 24 hours to determine your response.
  • If you feel comfortable with the dosage, you can repeat it if you want.
  • Small doeses of essential oil canbe used daily.
  • \You can increase the amont of essential oil over time.

Key points on body to place oils:

  • At the notch between the ear and the jaw.
  • Temples (avoid area close to corner of eyes)
  • Top/back of neck
  • Sternum
  • Inner wrists
  • On back at base of ribs next to spine (adrenal points)
  • Sacrum
  • Inner ankles
  • Navel

Contraindications for the use of Essential Oils.


Common essential oils

  1. Bergamot,  geranium - Emotional lift
  2. Frankincense - Grounding mental activity, mental clarity  grounding.
  3. Vetiver – ground and calm deep stress mechanisms of the body
  4. Jasmine – nurtures heart and emotions
  5. Rose – heart and emotions
  6. Clary sage - balancing

Purchase:   - good source of organic oils.  Select ‘Essential Oil’ category.





Tastes and Spices




Umami is the fifth taste, the taste that brings a feeling of satisfaction.

It is based upon the Glutamate receptor.

So eatting enough Glutamine food is important.

Glutamine is also essential to maintain a helthy stomach and intestinal lining.


Deficiency in Glutamate can cause a deficiency in the neurotransmittor GABA.. Gaba is a primary brain neurotransmittor to promote calm in the brain.  


See:  Umami Glutamate Food List and Resources



The Bitter Taste


Swedish Bitters

As a category of herb and taste, bitter foods stimlate digestion.

In Oriental, the bitter taste relates to the heart.   The bitter taste can soothe the heart.


Benefits of Swedish Bitters:

Non-alcoholic version.  There are two companies that make a non-alcoholic version.  Alcohol is typically used as a preservative.  Thus, the non-alcoholic version must be refrigerated.  I recommend the FLORA brand.


Available at or


I recommend Vitacost for delivery in the San Francisco Bay ARea.  They are closer.



Oil of Oregano 

Antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, anti-inflammatory


Bitters come in many forms.  A salad of a mix of light and dark leafy greens are full of tasteful bitters.



Spice Mixes for Healing


These spices can help calm the mind,  stiumulate digestion, calm deep stress.


SEarch online using the search term 'digestive spices' an you will find many herbs and spices listed. 



My favorite digestive spices:


Ginger root powder

Cayenne powder

Burdock root powder

Fenugreek seed powder

Orange peel powder

Cardamom seed powder


Other popular digestives spices:





Make your own digestive spice tea:


Purchase the powdered form of the spice.

(Or, purchase the whole seed and use a high speed bullet blender to grind the seeds into a powder.)

Add the quantity you prefer to a glass jar.

Mix the pices together.

Add 1-2 teaspoons of the spice mix into 4-6 ounces of hot water.

Allow to steep for 3-5 mninutes.

Drink and enjoy.



Six Taste Spice Mix

Ayurvedic Medicine, as well as other natural health traditions, incorporate health treatments using taste.  


The underlying health principle, is that the distinct spices stiumulate the digestive system in general, stimulate specific visceral organs, and stimualte the brain.


The tactic involves incorporting the six tastes in the diet, foods that are:


Sweet, sour, bitter, pungent, astringent, and salty.


Different people respond to differnt tastes.


Or, some people respond well a blend of spices that include all of the tastes, called - Six Taste Spice blend.


Here is a simple ingredient mix here.  Or you can search for Six Tastes Spices online:


Six Taste Spice blend Ingredients: 

Other ingredients that can be added:  , Organic Turmeric, Organic Fennel, Organic Cinnamon,  Green Mango Powder/Sour spice such as cranberry, Organic Fenugreek,   Organic Cayenne. 



Pumpkin pie spice mix: cardamom, ginger, nutmeg, allspice, cinnamon, clove.

Mix a few ounces of hemp seed with 1-2 teaqsoon of the spice mix.  Eat straight.  The goal is to get the specific taste to trigger your brain.

Or, add spice mixture to soup, oatmal, cooked grains, etc.  Get the taste!!


Sour Taste:  Digestive stimulant and elimination support



The sour taste is a powerful stimulant to the entire body, especially supporting liver stimulation, elimination, and general mental alertness. 



The most common food source of the sour taste are lemons and limes.   A higher nutritional value food are cranberries.


There are many simple ways to utilize this potent stimulant.  One is to put half a cup of cranberries in a cup and add hot water.  This creates a potent, soothing drink.  Suggested on an empty stomach to maximize the stimulation.


Star Anise Sour taste Spice Mix:

Star Anise is a different spice than anise. 


In 8 ounce mug


Star Anise - 0.75 teaspoon

ginger - 1 teaspoons

Cardamom - 1/8 teaspoon

Cinnamon - 1/16teaspoon

Clove  - 1/16 teaspoon

nutmeg - 1/16 teaspoon



Ayurvedic Vata, Pitta, Kapha spice mixes.

These are the traditional spices "churnas" of Ayurvedic medicine.  They support the Vata, Pitta, and Kapha Doshas (body constitutions).  They are good for general health and for digestion. They are availabel online.


Mix a few ounces of hemp seed with 1-2 teaqsoon of the spice mix.  Eat straight.  The goal is to get the specific taste to trigger your brain.

Or, add spice mixture to soup, oatmal, cooked grains, etc.  Get the taste!!

In the search bar, enter Vata churna, Pitta chura, kapha churna.


Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne is one of the oldest healing herbs in North America.

Search the internet and you’ll find a treasure of info.

Caution – it can be hot.



Acid/Alkaline: Bicarbonate salts


Alkala and Tri Salts


Both Alkala and Tri Salts are compounds of bicarbonate salts that reduce acidity in the body.

They are often used during periods of intestinal gas to reduce the acidic state and its consequences.

Take 1/8th teaspoon and place in your mouth.  Let it dissolve and absorb intoyour mouth.  After a couple minutes wither swallow or spit out.


Meditation and Inner Awareness


The stress of the world effeccts us on many layers.  When we practice inner awareness and self-regulation, we can reduce our internal stress response.


There are multiple meditation and self-awareness technique available.  A search online will bring up thousands of options.


When stress becomes overwhelming it can contribute to illness states.  This is real for the average person, as well as clinician - nurses, doctors and mental healht professionals. 


To support your journey of sefl awareness, and inner relaxation, the follwoing page displays an image of  a physical process to support inner awarenss






Local Marin Laughter Yoga club:

Bay Area Theater Sports -

            Weekly Improvisation comedy club in San Francisco.


Movement Practices

Gentle free style dancing  

Sweat your Prayers – drop in dance

Saturday, Wednesday, Sundays in Marin




Epsom Salt Bath


Sere’s the simple steps for an Epsom salt bath:

Fill bath tub with warm to medium hot water.

Hot enough to make you sweat.

1.5 to 2 pounds of Epsom salt in the tub.

Buy them at any pharmacy, drug store.

Soak for 10 to 20 minutes.

Drink plain water before, during and after.



Massage Music


Ludovico Einaudi - amazing piano music.


Dr. Jeffrey Thompson

  1. Memory learning CD

Other titles of Jeffrey Thompson that I use:  Lambda, Epsilon, Gamma,   

Monroe Institute – Hemisynch.

1. Touching Grace CD

  1. Transformation CD -

Dolphin CD:

  • I have this CD and it is wonderful = one of the best I have.

Other good mind music

Search the internet for:

  • Binaural beat music. - This is the scientific study of rhythm music on the brain.