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Mission, Goals, Quality of Life


Resilient people achieve sustainable business outcomes.  We support you, your team, and your culture to transform  stress and pressure into results.   We believe that a healthy mind and body supports a healthy business.


These skill and culture building programs promote a set of next-generation, mind-body principles to help you work smarter and have a better quality of life, such as:
  1. Performance: attention and concentration
  2. Decision making
  3. Emotional awareness and regulation
  4. Communication and expression
  5. Rapport and relationship
  6. Collaboration and synchronicity
  7. Creativity
  8. Conflict resolution
  9. Wellness
This participatory, experiential learning reaches a broad audience because it includes skills from:
  1. Mind-body and meditation
  2. Movement and somatics
  3. Integrated health practices (meditation, yoga, Chi Gong)
  4. Medical and cognitive neuroscience
  5. Positive psychology
  6. Fitness and sports 
  7. Improv Comedy 
Our philosophy is that your body is your instrument (mental, emotional and physical)  to accomplish your goals.  When you align these layers you are more effective.  We support each person's natural, intrinsic resilience. 

Stress, Burn-out, Employee Assistance


Good people with good products can fail from excess, unmanaged stress.  


Under stress:

- Your mental, emotional and physical 'functional capacity' declines.
- The ability to communicate to sustain business and inter-personal relationships erodes
- Employees can become sick, apathetic and numb. 


Other consequences include: 

  1. Missed business opportunities
  2. Miscommunication
  3. Reduced morale
  4. Stress and illness
  5. Physical accidents
  6. Employee conflict 
  7. Reduced effectiveness
  8. Sick days
  9. Staff turnover


With next generation mind-body skill building programs we  help  your team and culture to build life-force and help prevent these  events.


We interface with Human Resources/Employee Assistance resources to support employees who experience:

- Burn-out

- Illness from Stress   

- Significant life stress, accidents, trauma

- Medical Conditions needing stress-resilience support

We can collaborate with the employee's Physician and other healthcare professionals.



Organizational Stress Support


Often without notice, an event occurs that disrupts, stresses or shocks a team member or the organization. 


This can be:

- Layoffs

- Sudden loss of major business

- Physical accidents

- Death of a team member


- An employee is shaken in a car accident days before a significant industry presentation.
- An employee's house burns down during a critical deadline.


The challenge is that stress impacts the physical body below cognitive and emotional brain regions.  Talking with employees about the stressful issues is a helpful, yet the stress lies deeper in the body.  Mind-body skills and experiences are helpful, if not necessary, to transform deeply impacted stress.


This body-centered tactic helps clear stress, repair coherence, and bringing employees back to focus, synchronicity and effectiveness.


See:   Stress & Trauma Resolution


Client Testimonials



"The session with you yesterday was fantastic.  I ran our regular sales meeting today and afterwards, some of the team told me that it was the best sales meeting we have had in years."

C. B., Sales Manager, International Accounts
Global Technology Company


"Daniel was fantastic! He really brought a nice relaxing atmosphere into my office, my colleagues really seemed to enjoy him!"

K. M., Social Media Advertising, San Francisco, CA



"Daniel provided outstanding service to us at NorthBay Hospital's Nurses week onsite massage event! I provided thoughtful insight on how we could make this first ever event better and exceptional service onsite during the event. We would definitely hire him again"

SH, Hospital Staff Wellness Administrator

Northern California



"Daniel provided massage services to our employees on site. Daniel is very professional and you can tell he knows what he is doing. Employees loved this benefit. Highly recommend him."

CG, Director of HR



"I recommend Daniel unequivocally. I have a high-stress profession, and he has been incredibly responsive with therapies ranging from massage, aromatherapy, and supplement suggestions. He quickly identifies the problem at hand, and provides both support and interventions as warranted. His intuitive understanding of neurophysiology continues to amaze. His massage technique is second to none."

G. L., Expert Legal Witness, San Francisco, CA



More Testimonials



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Training Formats,  Integrated Implementation


This experiential, mind-body approach helps your team absorbs these skills  for long term benefit.


These skills are implemented through:

  1. Experiential group training
  2. Onsite massage plus skills reinforcement
  3. One-one-one coaching
  4. Kick off event:  New Year's, product launch
  5. Follow up programs to reinforce culture.
These programs are insightful, practical and fun.

Onsite Massage


Also see: 


Creative Resilience - Learn more here

Onsite Massage - Learn more here


These programs can include onsite massage to reinforce  wellness and other organizational goals.   Our onsite massage can be more than a 'relaxation perk'.  It can be used to reinforce the skills of the training modules.  This is a next-generation application of onsite massage.


We support:

  • - Wellness fairs
  • - Holiday parties
  • - Team achievement celebrations
  • - Employee appreciation day


Massage Enhances:

  • - Relaxation
  • - Resilience
  • - A wide range of health benefits
  • - Recovery from fitness and sports training.
  • - Self-awareness
  • - Physical energy
  • - Social-emotional relationship skills
  • - Cognition and executive function 

Office Massage contributes to a culture of team work, respect and effectiveness.  



Feedback from your team: 


During the course of a company wide onsite massage, we have the honor to support a large portion of your team over the course of a few days, and over time.  We can gather brief hand-written feedback forms, as well as keep our ears open  for issues important to the company.  We respect the employees privacy, and nothing personal is shared with the company. 



Collaboration 1




Onsite Massage in the Media


FORTUNE Magazine

March 22, 2016

See: These 17 Companies Offer Massages to Their Employees

American Massage Therapy Association
June 21, 2009



Client Testimonials


"The skills of this program transcend industry boundaries.  Elements from this curriculum have been taught to clients in a wide range of businesses, including:

  1. Financial services
  2. Law
  3. Medicine and Healthcare
  4. Education
  5. Mental Health
  6. Technology
  7. Sales, Advertising, Marketing
  8. Real Estate
  9. Entertainment
  10. And many more ...


"The teams loved the skills training program using basket ball.  Lots of happy people!"

CG, HR Director

Electronics Design and Manufactoring


"I wish I had learned these skills earlier in my career"

K. L., Newly Appointed Regional Manager
(7 Branches, 300 Employees)
National Financial Services Firm



"Little did I know that meeting you this past April would open a door that would improve my business performance, my health and quality of my personal relationships. And as surprising, it has all been simple and easy to implement and integrate this performance and wellness approach into my business and personal routine. It is now second nature."

R. R., Creative Director, Boutique Media Company 


“Fantastic massage therapist!  He really listens to you. He has been a lifesaver during my busy tax season.”


MS, Tax and Audit professional, San Rafael, CA