Natural, Wholistic &
Integrative Modalities
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California Mandated Notice


Legislative Law SB 577



               Complementary and alternative health

care practitioners.



Scope of Practice


- Daniel Lappin is Licensed in the Satate of California by the California Massage Therapy Council as a Massage Practitioer, number 65276. 

- Daniel Lappin is not a licensed Physician, Nurse, Psychiatirst, Psychologist, or other licensed healthcare professional.

- The State of California considers many modalities as Alternative and Complementary to California Licensed Health Care Professionals.   Daniel Lappin provides treatments that are Alternative and Complementary to the services of California Licensed Healthcare Professionals

- These Alternative and Complementary treatments are not licensed by the State of California.  These therapies are legal in the State of California.  These therapies do not require a license by the State of California.

- This notice satisfies consumer notification requirements of California Senate Bill 577.


For your Session


The Complementary and Alternative therapies that might benefit you will be discussed with you in advance of your session or at the beginning of your first session. your session. 


Integrative Approach


- Many people turn to Integrative therapies to support their wellness or to enhance the treatments they receive from their Health Care Professional or Mental Health professional.

- This is especially true for people who have not found relief from their symptoms through traditional Western Allopathic medicine.

- Although there is substantial historical and culture precedence for many 'Integrative Therapies' there is less science research to substantiate their claims.

- A good resource for research on 'Integrative Therapies' is:

NCCAM - National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine

- In addition to his formal California State Certification, Daniel has trained broadly to acquired the skills listed below.    For more information, see ABOUT Daniel Lappin

- He fully collaborates with other professional Health and Wellness practitioners.