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Supporting Women's Health Massage & Somatics for 25 Years.


Life Cycle Health Centered 


Stress & Illness, Trauma & Resilience


Oxytocin Skills & Treatment


Menstrual Pain Relief


Immune & Inflammation Focused


Birthing, Navel, & Pelvic Centered Wellness


Mind-Body, Guided Hypnosis, & Imagery


Couples Massage & Bodywork Support


Pregnancy Massage


Pain Relief


Professional and Therapeutic




Innovative Blend of Mind-Body-Somatics-Massage


Heart flow massage style


Immune related massage and acupressure 


Vagal nerve coherence


Precision and system attention regulation 


Connective tissue release


Breath, laughter, and vocalization


Mind, emotion and positive psychology engagement


Internal Organ Massage


Navel, birthing, menstruation, and pelvic informed


Oxytocin, endorphin, opioid, dopamine expression tactics 



“Daniel is thoughtful, supportive and truly talented. His background and experience enabled 

him to uniquely address the pain I experienced during pregnancy with twins.

I’m truly grateful to have had his healing touch on my journey to motherhood. “


T.E. Mill Valley, CA

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Designed for Women because: 


- Heart disease is the leading cause of death for women in the United States.

- Women’s account for an estimated 75-80% of all auto-immune diseases.

- Some research suggests  that women tend to notice bodily sensations (interoception) more often, better understand relations between bodily sensations and emotional states, worry or experience more emotional distress with sensations of pain or discomfort and see body as less safe.   Other research shows mixed results for sex differences in interoception.

- Research shows that 20-25% of US  women have a mental health issue,  50% greater then men.

- Women's physiology, especially women’s stress/resilience responses, have been historically overlooked in the history of Euro-American medicine and healthcare.  

- Global cultures and the arts & humanities hold clues to women’s health.

- Women express higher levels of the oxytocin molecule, ‘Nature’s Love molecule medicine’.  


 See:  Is Oxytocin "Nature's Medicine"? by Sue Carter PhD LINK 


"Oxytocin is a pleiotropic, peptide hormone with broad implications for general health, adaptation, development, reproduction, and social behavior. Endogenous oxytocin and stimulation of the oxytocin receptor support patterns of growth, resilience, and healing. Oxytocin can function as a stress-coping molecule, an anti-inflammatory, and an antioxidant, with protective effects especially in the face of adversity or trauma. Oxytocin influences the autonomic nervous system and the immune system. These properties of oxytocin may help explain the benefits of positive social experiences and have drawn attention to this molecule as a possible therapeutic in a host of disorders. 


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Sue Carter Ph.D




What can I expect from a Session.


Results can vary, and the time to achieve these results can vary.


Stress and trauma can numb us to our internal body, to our self, to our relationships and to the world.   These session help you to gain control and organization over your internal resources to thrive in the world.


The average client feels:

- Relief from stress, pain, and/or trauma symptoms.   

- An improved sense of well being.

- More self awareness and improved capacity to regulate themselves when under stress.  

- Improvement of health symptoms related to stress.

- Improved awareness in partner relationship.  Improved capacity to self-regulat under relationship conflict.

- A few client have had swift transformation of long standing trauma responses in a few sessions.


The approach, styles and modalities are described on other pages of this website, see:


Stress & Trauma


Massage & Bodywork


Therapeutic Approach





Menstrual Relief Massage


This massage style integrates an innovative endocrine gland/hormone model hypothesized to address deeply rooted stress-trauma-illness patterns; specifically oxytocin/vasopressin switching.  


The combined skills and techniques in these sessions can relive symptoms of menstruation, such as:  relieve physical pain, elevate mood, reduce headaches, reduce cramping and muscles tension, and dissipate relationship stress. 


For 25 years, these massage sessions  have provided relief for women during their menstrual cycles.



1) 'I Got A Menstrual Massage—Here's What Happened - "I must admit, I was skeptical."

2) Massage Therapy During Your Period.

3) The effects of massage therapy on dysmenorrhea caused by endometriosis

4) Remedial massage and its effects on Hormonal/Endocrine health



The Benefits for a Woman of Receeiving a Massage from a Man  


There is a powerful, natural chemistry, energy and polarity between all people when they come into proximity and tocuh.  Many people find the polarity between the female and the male to be potent.  Deep wounds resie here for many people, deep healing can arise here as well.   These sessions acknowledge this energy and cultivate its potential for your healing.  Biological gender differences are a part of life and the male/female polarity of chemistry can be supportive in many ways. 


Many people suffer from the wounds of female-male relationships; father-daughter, mother-son wounds are common. Often the wounds of broken intimate partner relationships reflect the wounds we hold with our mother or father.  These wounds create stress and trauma patterns in our bodies and impact our health in multiple ways.


I recognize this can be a delicate and vulnerable conversation for some women.  That is why I cultivate and practice care, sensitivity and clear consent communication.


As a man, and a health professional, I speak with women about their health, bodies, emotions, relationship, and menstrual cycles with regularity.  I speak with specificity as if your gynecologist were in the room with us.


Regularly a new female client will expressed that they were initially hesitant to receive a massage and somatic session from me, a man, and then convey their appreciation for the sensitivity, care and container that I provided for their experience and healing. 


Trust is the name of the game.  With my background (see below) I hold a container for women.  I am diligent to earn and maintain trust with all of my clients.  And especially women, because of the significant historic, cultural and social stressors and inequalities burdened upon women.   This is a deep and powerful conversation.



Couples Massage and Bodywork Sessions: Supporting your Partner 

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A central goal of these sessions is to support you to create healthy relationships, with yourself, with your family and freinds and with your intimate partners.


As part of this, sessoin can include:

 - Massage and coaching for your partners.

- Four-handed massage session, whwere daniel and your partner give you a massage (4-hands), or you and Daniel give your partner amasage. 


   During these 4- handed session, you and your partner learn about methods of connection that build trust, connectoin, stress releif, and self awareness.  This can be a bonding and connecting experience. 



Supporting Families


When working with parents with children, the goal is that the new skills of the parent roll down hill to benefit the child.  When the parent is grounded, composed, and centered, they create a better container for the relationhip and secure attachment with the child.

A modified form of massage and bodywork is available for children when the parent receives sessions.



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About Daniel:


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For 25 years I have studied birthing, the adverse childhood experience, stress-trauma-resilience, and women and family centered mental health.   On numerous occasions I have been one of only a few men in training classes oriented to children, women and family mental health.


In the late 1990’s I was gifted a ticket to the annual conference of the Association for Pre and Perinatal Birth Psychology and Health by a pediatrician who meet me while I was volunteering at Sharp Rees-Stealy Children’s Hospital in San Diego.  Later I attended the American Academy of Pediatrics annual conference,  Infant mental health training at University of California San Francisco, Oakland Children’s Hospital, and Alameda County First Five.  Further study of integrated health added to my understanding of core issues related to women’s health.   The list of my training is long.


I continue to be intrigued by cultural women’s dance styles. The anatomy and physiology principles found within global dance styles, of all genders,  inform my approach to mind-body-somatic-massage treatments for women, and all of my clients.


From these studies I am clearly aware of the burden to women in society and the effect upon their health.  My family generational trauma clearly shows this.


How did this start? Over 20 years ago, as a newly certified massage therapist, my roommate, also a massage therapist,  asked for my massage support during an episode of difficult menstrual cramps.  I have been supporting women to relieve menstrual pain ever since.


From my own complicated medical condition arising in my early adolescence, I have cultivated skills to assess and treat deep levels of stress, shock and trauma within people of all walks of life.