Resilient Business Culture


Mind-Body Skills & Massage for Discovery, Design & Creativity


Life Sciences: Innovation, Discovery, Creativity & Design


Industry Collaboration / Public Health / Health Economics 


Popular Culture


The Vision


This initiativer translates innovations in basic science, medical science and integrated health into an architecture of solutions training and media for:

  1. Popular culture, Personal, Business and Society. Resilient Business Culture
  2. Industry Collaboration/Public Health/Health Economics


This initiative is catalytic.  Driven by innovative case studies and meta analysis, it identifies a historic gap in basic Western science. This concept gap creates a hole in curriculum and training.  And even, a blindspot in the social and scientific cultural psyche.  


These solutions evolve long held practices at the root of academic and science inquiry, business practice and social culture.  



The designs integrate:

  1. A core curriculum built upon an innovative model of anatomy and physiology - this drives the training and media solutions.
  2. An innovative visualization and presentation style that blends medical animation with entertainment animation.   This style takes communication science and medical humanities to a new level.


The downstream applications are broad, ranging from personal to social economic. 

  1. Improve social-economic  and business resilience, wellness and economic efficiency.
  2. Improve effectiveness in
    1. Research, discovery and translation.
    2. Education.
  3. Reduce the burden of  illness and promote healthcare efficiency.
  4.  Support family, women and children's health and welfare.


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Resilient Business Culture
Human resources, performance, wellness  

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Mind-Body Skills & Massage for Discovery, Design & Creativity
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Life Sciences: Innovation, Discovery, Creativity & Design
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Industry Collaboration / Public Health / Health Economics  
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Popular Culture: 
Medical Humanities, STE(A)M, Science Visualization & Storytelling
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Personal Support: Resiliencece, Wellness, Creativity,  Performance.


























































To explore these opportunities please contact:
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Daniel Lappin, BA, CMP
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