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 Stress & Trauma in Adult & Child Illness

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Supporting Family Wellness

When parents thrive the family thrives.  When parents and caregivers are relaxed and composed the children are more healthy, sustain good physical and social development, and educational progress.

Stressed parents contribute to stress, illness, behavioral and educational challenges in their children.  When parents are stressed the entire family suffers.  This is especially true when the mother is stress.  This stress contributes to illness in both the parent and the child.

Through education, skills development and hands on bodywork, I support families and children to stay well. This supports good communication and relationships, robust employment and happy, healthy children.
Prevention and mind-body wellness are central themes of my services.

Read more about my approach: My Approach 

Services for Families

Family System Stress: Consultation, Skills, Massage
I help my clients to unravel the stress in the body that contributes to stress in the family systems. The entire family is engaged in conversation and offered education and mind-body skills.  Massage and bodywork treatments for the entire family help ground the conversation in the body.  This defuses and dissolves complicated stress layers to clarify the root mind, body and emotion issues.  This benefits all aspects of wellness, illness prevention and supports health and harmony within the family. 

Expecting Families

- Somatic and massage support primarily for the father during pregnancy and during the first years. Helping the father to stay physically grounded and embodied to sustain engaged presence  and communication
. This helps to avoid stress related relationship conflict.  
- Pregnancy massage is available for the mom as well.


- Massage and mind-body skills to support elders and those near their time of passing.


Stress & Trauma in Adult & Child Illness

Too often the illness experienced by adults aged 50-60-70 years old have origin in early child stress and trauma. As well, there is often an inter-generational stress cascade.   These adults, in part, pass on to their own children the ‘stress patterns’ they received when they were children themselves.

Preventing and reversing these phhsical and mind-body factors can be both simple and extremely complicated.  

When appropriate, it is helpful to understand the elaborate nature of deep stress and trauma responses in the body.

It is best when our resilience practices start when we are young.

 See details of the Adverse Child Experiences (ACE) Report:

My Training

I have attended training workshops and conferences at:
    • Children’s Hospital Oakland
    • Alameda County FIRST FIVE
    • University of California Los Angeles Extension – Attachment & Interpersonal Neurobiology Conference
    • University of British Columbia – Child Brain & Learning Conference
    • University of Massachusetts Boston Infant-Parent Health Program (Napa, CA)
    • American Academy of Pediatrics Annual Conference
    • Association for Pre and Perinatal Birth Health
    • Pangea Conference on Pediatric Integrated Health
    • Learning and the Brain Conference
    • National Association for the Education of Young Children


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