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Workshop Themes 





These experiential workshops teaches mind-body-physiology underneath:

  1. Resilience and creative tension
  2. Discovery and inquiry - Where and how do insights arrive?  
  3. Design thinking
  4. Whole Systems thinking,
  5. Convergence and integration of parts.
  6. Dreaming, imagination, free association, creative distraction
  7. Presence
  8. Spatio-temporal skills - physical body in physical space in real time.  A critical skill for developing:
    • - Physical place based user products and experiences. 
    • - Online/screen based products.  
  9. Wellness
  10. Resilience
  11. Productivity
  12. Stress resolution
  13. Team synchronicity
  14. Tech stress unlock from excess screen and keyboard use, and online development time.

You will learn practical, valuable skills you can use every day.  





Workshops Skills Draw from:


  1. Mind-Body, Integrated health, Fitness skills, the Arts.
  2. Game play, story telling, dance and movement, somatics, power poses, singing and rhythm, meditation, Improv comedy, Masks, laughter yoga, comedy & tragedy, office yoga, breath work, sensory experience and aromatherapy, Chi Gong, martial arts, 'whole body' creative visualization.
  3. Guided imagery, internal awareness process, practical day-dreaming
    • Group visioning (closed or open eyed)
    • Simple and advanced meditation techniques.
  4. The table and/or chair massage incorporates a guided mind-body process (optional).  This provides an experience of the principles and skills, in addition to providing the wellness and stress relief benefits of traditional massage.    The essential skills taught in all of the workshops are incorporated into the massage sessions as a guided relaxation process.                      
  5. Stress detox/catharsis skills: mental, emotional and physical 'detox' skills to clear stress.
Workshop/Team Building Themes Include:

     Stress Management Fitness skills


Train as a team in burst of 11 - 15 - 21 minutes.  Cultivate a broad range tangible physical exercises to support resilience and achieve easier inspiration, imagination, creativity, and design.

  'Tech Stress' Mind-Body Ergonomics
Sitting at a computer or focusing on a small screen for long periods of time are not healthy.  This workshop is a practical skills class about attention, focus, posture, breath, and de-stress tactics to get your body back in a healthy alignment.  With good physical posture your brain, emotions and emotions function better. 
  Creativity Power Poses


This work shop expands your team’s repertoire of physiology skills that support creativity, inquiry, collaboration , and design.   It builds upon the 2014 viral Ted Talk by Amy Cuddy, Harvard Business School Assc. Professor, titled  “ Power Poses’.  In her research, she showed that how we stand strongly influences our mental and emotional states and can be measured in our blood chemistry.

We explore Mind-body states, role models,  team culture, non-verbal expression ,and more.  Then we play a game of 'Simon Says/Follow the Leader' to enact those physical postures.

Creativity and imagination can be a whole body process.

  Day-Dreaming, Imagination and Napping

This workshop explores the physiology of dreaming, imagination and napping.  Building upon brain and body physiology, your team enhances their skills to access ideas and an imagination using reflection, wakeful pondering, napping and dreaming.  These skills can be used for constructive day-dreaming at the job, or dreaming during sleep.  the workshop includes a guided dream journey.


  Happy Birthday Singing Circle
A fun culture building program is to establish a monthly 'Happy Birthday Singing Circle'.  In this workshop, your team gathers to sing multiple well-know Happy Birthday songs (traditional, The Beatles, a few others).   This is an opportunity to celebrate, and also to help people release the stress from their voice, and generate a quality of life-force, that only singing can achieve.
Vocal stress is a significant factor of life stress.  People constrict their throats, breath shallow and suffer the consequences.  A monthly Happy Birthday Circle helps solve that problem - and is fun!
And, you repeat it each month with variations to engage every one.
  Masquerade Party
Using a variety of colored masks, we explore how we communicate with others.  When do we speak from our heart, or disconnect from our heart.  How do we hold in emotions and stress that blocks us from living fully? We discuss the underlying anatomy and physiology of communication and relationship, then play improv games to develop authenticity, expression and relationship skills.
  Defend the Jewel

'Defend the Jewel' is a team building game/dramatization to embody strength and passion, determination and drive for the values of your product or project.  It uses mind-body skills such a chi gong and martial arts, breath skills, sports psychology.    The game/process builds upon the values of the project in conflict with the forces that would destroy it.

Real martial arts fighting sticks are used to mobilize your team’s internal energy and drive.  The team builds emotional and physical strength to achieve your goals. 


   Nurture and Grow


This workshop builds nurturing, encouraging, and praising energy in the team.  Each team member constructs an actual small terrarium - a small glass bowl filled with soil, a few small plants, pebbles, and more.   

This game invites the metaphor of natural life force, seeds, fertile soils, to support a positive growth environment for your team.   The team is guided through a process that supports positive relationships.    This builds a good team culture to confront the ‘weeds’ of life when they arise.  And you keep the small terrarium for your office.

  Holiday Themes:  October to January 


Some of the most beloved and poignant holidays in the Western culture occur between October and January each year.  These times are filled with significance and meaning, deep connections with friends and family, and festivities of food, gifts and deep spirituality.


They are also times of stress and emotional suffering for many.  This period of the year can be a sugar over-dose, alcohol infused, sleep deprivation marathon resulting in isolation and despair, and the post-holiday ‘flu season’.  


This can cause your team effectiveness to suffer. 


The goal of this workshop theme is to share skills and practices that builds the fun, joy, connection and meaning of the holidays, and avoid the over-load and crash and that can occur.  


The principles and skills are drawn for Integrated health, nutrition, mind-body wisdom.  The workshop is customized to meet your team where they are at and support them to experience a robust holiday season. 

  Custom Designed
Let's discuss your needs and goals and shape a proggam for you and your team.  Workshop themes are crafted to meet your needs.  Prior to the workshop, you and I discuss your team goals and design the workshop for optimal results.




The Curriculum can be Delivered in Multiple Formats:

  1. Bursts of 11 - 15 - 21 minutes
  2. Lunch and learn
  3. Onsite Events
  4. Offsite events
  5. On going series
  6. One-on-one coaching

The goal is to help the participant have an inner experience of these skills then to implement them in their daily practice.   

Sample implementation: 

  1. Participants attends a workshop. 
  2. At their 30 minute massage session, 5-10 minutes are dedicated to coaching the new skills.  For 20 to 25 minutes they receive a table or chair massage that includes the guided mind-body process (optional). 
  3. At their next massage, we check in to assess their progress implementing the skills.