Activated Charcoal and Clay mixture



This information is for educational purposes.  It is not intended for diagnose or treat any health condition.  Consult your qualified health practitioner if you have any questions.


Note: Drink plenty of water with this detox plan.




This  is one of the most simple and effective health remedies you can do - a simple, core, and primary detoxification process.

There are many forms of detoxification.

This process focuses on drawing toxins out of the body through the intestines.

Other processes involve actively shaking loose embedded toxins from tissue deep inside muscles and organs in the body, then drawing them out through the bowels and bladder.


For example, if you do not empty the garbage can in your kitchen, what happens?  Where does the new garbage go?  It builds up, sits on the counter, on the floor, on the table.  Only after you empty your garbage can, can you throw out the ‘newer’ garbage.


The same with your body.  if your eliminate channel is blocked by old waste, then all the new waste builds up – for years!!  This is a co-factor to stress and illness in your body. 


Stress and illness can disrupt the metabolism and elimination of the body .This causes waste material, free radicals, to accumulate in the body.  This situation can increase acidity in the body. This causes a cascade of increased health condition.  All because the elimination process was not adequate.


This mixture soaks up toxins from the intestinal tract.  This supports elimination, creating an environment for your body to function well.


Eating plenty of fresh vegetables, fruit and good water help the cleansing process, but may not be enough for some people.


Estimated cost:  $30 to $60 for two to three month supply



  1. large cup or 32 ounce mason jar
  2. Dry Tablespoon or teaspoon for measuring then mixing




1)Activated Charcoal, Food Grade, in powder form – any brand®/b/ref=bl_dp_s_web_9379800011?ie=UTF8&node=9379800011&field-lbr_brands_browse-bin=Essential+Elements+®


2) Intestinal Drawing Formula by Healthforce Nutritionals


Or, plain FOOD GRADE bentonite Clay.




3) good water





  1. Consume this mixture first thing in morning, on an empty stomach.
  2. Do not consume any other vitamins, herbs, medications etc as the charcol and clay will absorb them and make them ineffective.   Wait 45 to 60 minute before consuming anything else - food, nutrients, medication, etc.
  3. There is no recommendation for how many days you should consume this mixture.




As I am not a certified, nutritionists, or ‘detox specialist’ I can not give you any exact plan that you must follow.

You must educate yourself and make your own decisions.


  1. Start with a small amount then increasing the amount of the mixture over time.
  2. Start with ½ teaspoon of each, for several days.
  3. Then one teaspoon of each for a few days.
  4. Then even more if it feels right.
  5. After one week, use one day, then not the next day.  One on, one off.
  6. Then after another week, stop for a few days or a week.


Myself, I had an extreme toxic condition, so I did the following.


  1. I started with one teaspoon of each for a few days,
  2. then progressed to one tablespoon of the Charcoal and 1.5 teaspoon of the bentonite clay (Intestinal Drawing Formulae).
  3. I did this quantity for two months straight, then stopped for a few weeks.
  4. Back on for a few days.
  5. Then stopped again for a few weeks. Then back on them . . . . etc..




In your cup or jar, mix:

  • Two parts Activated Charcoal plus One Part ‘Intestinal Drawing Formula’.


Add water and stir

  • If you mix two teaspoons and one teaspoon – use 4-6 ounces of water.
  • If you mix two tablespoons plus one tablespoon, use almost  32 ounces of water to fill the mason jar.
  • Drink all of the mixture over the course of several minutes.  Do not sip over the course of the day.
  • This is a neutral an chalky tasting mixture.
  • Afterwards only consume plain water for the next hour.
  • Do not consumer any food, vitamins, herbs etc as this will disrupt the simple absorption process.


Other notes:

  1. Brush your teeth and tongue afterwards
  2. The charcoal is a fine powder and easily blows and sticks onto anything.
  3. Perepare the mixture in a area that is not windy and you can clean up afterwards.


General Caution


The clay and/or charcoal powder can cause your stool to become hard.    If this occurs,  Stop consuming it for a couple days, then reduce the amount of clay and charcoal powder and add more water. 



The mixture does not cause diarrhea.




Contraindications for Bentonite Clay


You can minimize or avoid this side effect by drinking plenty of water and other fluids until the bentonite in your system passes.

  • Headaches are termed as mild Bentonite clay side effects.
  • Muscle pain and tiredness
  • Joint pain and stiffness, which together with muscle pain, are side effect symptoms of the toxins stored in the joint and muscle fluids being gotten rid of from your body.
  • Nausea after ingesting the  clay
  • Constipation, especially during the first time of use. The reason for this is that the clay gets stuck in the intestines and causes indigestion problems.


The FDA rates bentonite as “generally regarded as safe” as a food additive, but it can be harmful if inhaled or exposed to your eyes. The World Health Organization has found no evidence of harmful side effects in humans,


Medical contraindications for activated charcoal:



Contraindications / Precautions / Warnings


When taken in high doses, activated charcoal effectively binds with vitamins, hormones, drugs, and other nutrients, resulting in their elimination. For acute situations, take activated charcoal for only a brief period of time under the supervision of your naturopath or other health practitioner. Ensure you restore lost nutrients once the acute situation has passed.


Regarding poisonings, activated charcoal will not adsorb cyanide and is not recommended for corrosive acids or alkalids. Consult with your poison control centre, naturopath, or other health practitioner to determine the most suitable course of action under these situations.


Activated charcoal effectively neutralizes fluoxetine (Prozac). It is typically administered during fluoxetine overdose but can interfere with this drug under normal use. Consult with your naturopath or other health practitioner to determine the appropriateness of this compound for your needs or explore an alternative. See the section on Depression for more information.


In medical setting, large doses of activated charcosl are used  in poison control, to soak out ingested poisons from a person body.


To your health,

Daniel Lappin BA, CMP