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About Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS)

An Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS) is a precise formula of glucose and sodium that has been scientifically tested to facilitate hydration. An ORS activates the Sodium-Glucose Transport Mechanism of the intestinal tract, helping the intestines to physically absorb more water. An ORS is more effective than plain water to rehydrate your body.


ORS is sold over-the-counter. You do not need a prescription for it.


ORS is designated an “Essential Medical Therapy” by the World Health Organization and UNICEF. It achieved this status for its use with children with life threatening diarrhea caused by the Cholera bacteria.


ORS started with Unicef in the 1970’s in third world countries stricken by cholera epidemics, where millions of children would die each year.  ORS cut the death rate by approximately 70%.   ORS also has historical roots in Ayurvedic medicine,where 1500 years ago mixtures of salt and molasses were prescribed to treat patients.


See: rehydrate.org


Presently, multiple hydration products exist on the market, primarily focused on rehydration for sports performance.


From my personal experience, the area of hydration is not adequately understood by both Western Medical and Integrated Health practitioners.  


The issue appears to be ‘regional hydration’. In the same fashion that blood flow can be restricted in one region of the body due to vascular constriction, hydration can be reduced in a region due to the same constriction mechanisms.


 Consequently, for some reason, such as inflammation, or histamine/mast cell activation, blood vessels or capillaries are constricted or blocked.  This causes one area of the body, such as an organ, or a brain region, to lack adequate hydration. Plausibly, this can occur even if the standard blood tests to determine hydration indicate adequate hydration in the blood vessels.  Tests to determine blood flow to brain regions or visceral organs are not basic lab tests.


This was the case with my lab tests, they reported adequate, normal hydration. But that is not what my body said. Apparently, deep pockets of my brain where not adequately functioning due to dehydration.


As in my case, regional dehydration may be an issue in complex stress, trauma or health conditions.  Historically, I always had difficulty drinking plain water.  30 years ago, about 1 /3 of the time that I would drink plain water, I would spit it up, as my body would reject it.  Something complicated was happening regarding water in my body.   For decades now, I have always added trace mineral to my water to be able to drink it.  


The bottom line is this: plain water is not enough to hydrate deep into the body.


A brief outline of my experience with ORS.


My experience suggests that ORS can be a helpful SHORT-TERM therapy to support your wellness


  1. The instructions state: 1 packet of ORS per one liter of water.
  2. For me, initially, the full concentration of one packet to one liter water was unpalatable, tasting thick and heavy.
  3. I used 3 / 4 of a packet per liter of water - this tasted fine.
  4. In the first couple days of using ORS my consumption of water (infused with the ORS) TRIPLED.  IT remained at this level for weeks.
  5. As if, I was finally getting a nutrient from which I had been long deprived.
  6. Quickly I felt better.
  7. On one ten, I drank about 8 liters of ORS water over the course of 4 hours.
  8. Slowly I felt a very good physical sensation tingle in the back top of my head. This is a region of my brain and head where I have had some form of ‘brain event’, for 40 years ago. Multiple Physicians have not been able to determine if this was a stroke, a mast cell activation, inflammation, allergy, or what.
  9. Suddenly, that region of my brain and head began to feel a lot better, as if it was flowing and functioning better
  10. . I ceased the ORS after about two months. It felt that I had reached the maximum benefit of the ORS, and my body didn't want any more.  Actually consuming the ORS seemed to disrupt my metabolism - I'd had enough.
  11. then, later, after another 2-3 months, I used it again for a few weeks, consuming 1-2 packets a day.  then stopped.
  12. Again, after 2-3 months, I started the ORS water again, for a few weeks, then stopped.
  13. So the ORS has been an intermittent solution.
  14. You're experience may be completely different.


Over time my consumption of ORS was:

  1. First three weeks: 3 – 4 quarts of ORS at 3 / 4 packet per one liter water
  2. Weeks four and five: 1 / 2 packet per liter water
  3. Week six: ¼ packet per liter water
  4. Week seven: Stopped ORS





ORS may not be supportive for you.

If you have question, consult your qualified health practitioner.

Too much water may make you feel sluggish in your reflexes, and attention.

Your belly may feel slightly bloated from the ORS – if so, use less of the ORS packet in the bottle of water, or stop using the ORS.



Be prepared.

Drinking more water with the ORS will flush your body of toxins.

You will urinate more frequently.







Where to Purchase

As mentioned above, I do not profit from the sale of this, or any ORS.



Oral Rehydration Salts (15 Packets/Box) TRIORAL Salts


There are multiple brands of ORS listed on Ebay.  Trioral seems to have their act together.

Purchase the NEW W. H. O. FORMULA. 


On EBAy : TRIORAL brand, $15 for 15 packets




100 packets for $50.




Drug store: Pedialyte is a brand of ORS found at most drug stores. 



Your Feed Back is Helpful


Currently I am investigating the know signs and symptoms of dehydration.  From my experience and case studies with clients, I am investigating a physical biomarker that may indicate dehydration.   If you choose to use the ORS, and find it beneficial, please let me konw. 


Email me at:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..