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Creative Resilience
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Resilience & Stress Management for


Creative & Design-Driven People & Teams


 Skill Training, Team Building & Onsite Massage Inspired by:


Integrated Health & Wellness, Brain Science


   Sports & Fitness, Mind-Body Skills, Art & Humanities.


On This Page
  1. Why Resilience and Stress Management Training?
  2. Creativity inspired by Fitness, Wellness and Mind-Body Skills
  3. What about Techies and Rational, Analytical People?
  4. To Achieve these Goals: Integrated, Practical, Formats, Themes
  5. What are Mind-Body Skills and Why are They Beneficial?
  6. Explore Onsite Massage
  7. Testimonials: Creative, Business, Massage
  8. About Daniel Lappin
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      Why Resilience and Stress Management Training?


. . . because chronic, excess stress rips you off . . .



How Do You Cultivate and Engage:


- Certainty at times of uncertainty?

- Confidence at times of Stress?

- Action under fear?

- Integration from fragmentation?

- Synchronicity in chaos?

- New ideas when you hit the wall?

- Trust your decisions after failure?



Excess stress hijacks your brain, twist your body and distort your perception.   You can get blind and trapped in the stress.   Your attention becomes hyper narrow, your physical body loses integration, your relationship with people become distorted, and you can become numb to the environment around you.


Consequently your creative process, thinking, idea generation, collaboration and design sense suffer.     


Under excess stress, people tend to lose the flow and instead push to achieve their goals.  Excess 'push' creates physical friction, 'stress', in your body and brain.  Not a good long term strategy.  'Flow' means that you ride a natural energy that exists between you and your challenge - balancing an assertive push with a natural flow to identify and overcome challenges.

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Because Innovation has No Master


Creativity Inspired by Fitness, Wellness and Mind-Body Skills


This program invites you prepare for your daily challenges as you would train at the gym, on the yoga mat, a  meditation cushion, an acupuncture session, for a theater performance or public speaking event. 




Because innovation has no master.  Creative and design results can be equally inspired by yoga and a nature hike as by a pack of cigareetes and a fifth of vodka.


So the question are:

- Who are you?

- What do you want to create and design? 

- What are your personal, team and organizational practices?


More that training muscles, creative and design skills includes perception, emotion, relationship, perspective, integration,  drive, determination and courage . .  . and more. 


To achieve these goals this program blends skills from fitness, integrated health, and mind-body practices to expand your tool kit to keep you in the flow when under stress and pressure.


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What about Techies and Rational, Analytical People?


Yes, this program supports detailed, analytical people on your team - engineers, attorneys, accountants and scientists - the entire range of precision focused team members.  Material that emphasize precision and facts are woven into the workshops when both 'artistic' and 'rational/technical' people attend.

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Program Outline
To Enhance
- Your Personal Practice
- Team Work
- Resilient Culture
This Program Integrates
- Mind-Body skills from Integrated Health,
Meditation, Sports, and the Arts.   (More)
- Participatory/Experiential formats (More)
- Onsite Massage  (More)
With Practical Goals
- Creative Resilience Skills
- Inquiry, Problem Solving
- Day-dreaming, Imagination
- Wellness & Resilience
- Productivity
- De-stress
- And more ...  
In Multiple  Formats
- 11 - 15 - 21 Minutes Bursts
- Lunch and Learns
- Onsite Workshops
- Off-sites
- Ongoing Series
In These Workshop Themes

- Resilience and Stress Fitness Skills
- Creativity Power Poses
- 'Tech Stress' Mind-Body Ergonomics
- Happy Birthday Singing Circle
- Masquerade Party
- Day-dreaming, Imagination & Napping
- Nurture and Grow
- Defend the Jewel
- Holidays: October to January 
. . and custom designed themes
What are Mind-Body Skills?  Why are they Beneficial?
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Explore Onsite Massage 
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Table Massage Power Massage for Tech Stress Chair Massage
Onsite Massage Provided for:
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 ~ Testimonials: Creatives & Artists ~
Design woman
“It has all been simple and easy to implement and integrate this performance and wellness approach into my business and personal routine. It is now second nature.”
“The way that you ask questions and integrate all levels was amazing for me.”
“All the pieces of my stressed life came together. Things became much clearer, simpler and organized.”
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~ Testimonials: Business ~



"I wish I had learned these skills earlier in my career"


B. L., Newly Appointed Regional Manager

7 Branches, 300 Employees

National Financial Services Firm


"Little did I know that meeting you this past April would open a door that would improve my business performance, my health and quality of my personal relationships. And as surprising, it has all been simple and easy to implement and integrate this performance and wellness approach into my business and personal routine. It is now second nature."


R., Creative Director, Boutique Media Company


"I recommend Daniel unequivocally. I have a high-stress profession, and he has been incredibly responsive with therapies ranging from massage, aromatherapy, and supplement suggestions. He quickly identifies the problem at hand, and provides both support and interventions as warranted. His intuitive understanding of neurophysiology continues to amaze. His massage technique is second to none."


L., Expert Legal Witness, San Francisco, Ca



“Fantastic massage therapist!  He really listens to you. He has been a lifesaver during my busy tax season.”


MS, Tax and Audit professional, San Rafael, CA

~ Testimonials: Onsite Massage ~
 Thumbtack  Independent Reviews from         
“Daniel arrived promptly, was very personable, and an obvious expert in his field. I would recommend Daniel.” - Jocelyn B.

“Daniel was informative and professional throughout the booking process as well as in providing the actual services. Our office team enjoyed his visit here and we hope to have him come back again.” - Brenda T.

“Daniel was super professional, he made our employees feel comfortable and it was a very successful afternoon! Thanks Daniel, we really needed your services and you were beyond our expectations!” Camila R.

“Daniel was amazing. He did a chair massage event for my company and everyone loved him. He is responsive, professional and most importantly he was on time!” - Valerie N.

“Daniel provided massage services to our employees on site. Daniel is very professional and you can tell he knows what he is doing. Employees loved this benefit. Highly recommend him.” - Carolyn G.

“Daniel provided outstanding service to us at NorthBay Hospital's Nurses week onsite massage event! He provided thoughtful insight on how we could make this first ever event better and exceptional service onsite during the event. We would definitely hire him again.” - Shawnee R.

“Absolutely fantastic. thanks Daniel!” - Guy O.

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About Daniel Lappin BA, CMT


Innovation has no Master.


Every entrepreneur, innovator, creative and designer brings a unique perspective to their work.


Often their unique perspecitve is fueled by a desire, a tension, conflict, or a pain that they experience.  Something that drives them to create the solution they present to the world. 


My contribution is the same.  


As do many innovators, I have a story.  Mine is HERE. 


Daniel Lappin, BA, CMP 
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