Natural Arts Wellness and Massage Center

New Client Specials


20-Minute Complimentary Consultation!

Email me (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or

Call me: 415-846-8181


You are invited to request a complimentary 20-minute consultation if you answer yes to the following two conditions:


  • 1. Yes, I am actively searching for a practitioner to support my near-term wellness needs.


  • 2. Yes, I have the intention of hiring a wellness practitioner in the near term.


If you answer YES to these questions, please call or email and describe your goals and intentions for the session.  Do you seek relaxation and stress relief?  Are you adressing a health or wellness issue?  Please describe.


Other Issues


- Your session will be designed based upon your needs.  It will integrate a hands-on massage and energy  treatment, mind-body skills, as well as consultation.


- There is no cost or obligation.  You can receive the 30-minute complimentary sample with no cost or obligation.  You will also be offered an additional new client special.  If you like your sample session you are invited to return for a full session in the future.


- Appointment required


- Table Massage - 'Clothing-on' session only.


- Professional therapeutic.


- Locals only: This special is offered to people   who live in Marin or frequently visit Marin.   No out of town visitors.


- One complementary session per customer.


- First time clients only.


- I reserve the right to reschedule your complimentary session to accomodate paying clients.