Our Alliance to Support your Transformation

A therapeutic alliance becomes more important when we are work with mind-body skills, or stress and trauma issues.  In these sessions our goal is to transform stress responses and discomfort in your body into neutral responses or supportive responses. 

The goal is to make your journey easy and simple. Sometimes this process is not easy and can provoke you to have a mental, emotional or physical reaction to the process.

Therefore, the purpose of the alliance is to bring these issues to your awareness in advance, so that you have a smooth journey through your transformation into more health and resilience.

Together we will co-create your sessions.  This document discusses our alliance to help us stay focused on your goals.

This is an outline of the process and principles that will guide our sessions. These are not hard and fast rules. 

 In this document:

  • Session Goals
  • Achieving outcomes, Session Progression
  • Our Alliance
  • Your participation
  • My role is to
  • Edge of comfort zone
  • Alignment, repair stumbles
  • Implementation is the name of the game
  • Integration after Your Session
  • Implementation is the name of the game
  • Your feedback is essential

Session Goals

  1. To establish trust
  2. To establish clear goals and outcomes.
  3. To establish our process of communication.
  4. To focus on the present, move to the future, and briefly reference the past.
  5. To cultivate:
    1. Your strengths.
    2. New connection
    3. Reveal Blind spots - What is immediately in front of you?
    4. Your inner voice, subtle inner thoughts and sensations.

Our Alliance

  1. Acknowledge that mental, emotional and physical issues are inter-connected.
  2. Communication between us includes:
    1. Our intention
    2. Presence
    3. Spoken words
    4. Non-verbal impressions
    5. Subtle pulse of attention
    6. Gestures and body language

Your participation 

  1. These sessions can be highly experiential and felt sense.
  2. They are a journey that bridges your external world and your inner mental, emotional, physical, energetic and spiritual self.
  3. Your willingness to engage and participate is the most important factor.
  4. You decide and let me know what flows and is comfortable or what is not.
  5. You are responsible to express when you feel comfortable or not, or at the edge.    Speak up!   
  6. If you want the session, or any element in the session, you are responsible to say ‘STOP!”

My role is to

  1. Hold a container.
    • For you to cultivate your inner wisdom and authority.
    • For you to decide upon our path
  2. To be a mirror for you.
    • Not to be an authority over you.
  3. To offer you skills and help you implement them.
  4. Help you stay on track.
  5. To challenge you either gently or firmly to cross the threshold of change.
  6. Be your champion and cheer leader.

Question: What other qualities would your find  supportive in our sessions.  Please share that with me during the sessions. What I want and need is …

Edge of comfort zone

  1. Our goal is to find the learning, growing, healing edge.
  2. First, the tactic is to build your resourcefulness within your comfort zone. Then, with your agreement, explore the edge of your comfort zone; as often, that is where transformation occurs.
  3. This may involve touching upon awkward blindspots.
  4. At times, the issues we will address may challenge both of us.

Internal awareness

  1. The process invites you to increase your internal, felt sense awareness.
  2. Skills are presented to support you to perceive your inner states, feelings and sensations, emotions, beliefs, stress, blind spots, confusion, conflicts, memories, etc.
  3. This can be an easy journey, or a bumpy process.
  4. You may encounter happy, joyous sensations, or uncomfortable, fearful and startling sensations.
  5. These skills have simple steps, and they have more advanced steps. This  approach is related to, yet more technically specific, than meditation or body scanning.

Alignment, repair stumbles  

  1. There can be moments where our learning process together is bumpy.
  2. Sometimes we/I don’t recognize a rupture in our process or alliance until after we have stumbled over it..
  3. Therefore, we need an agreement to repair the stumbles and return to our alliance.

Speak Up!

  1. Ask for what you need.
  2. Some of these principles and skills may be familiar, or offer a different perspective, or be completely new.
  3. Please speak up to ask for clarification of many principle, skill or their implementation.

Integration after Your Session

  • Give yourself 15 - 30 minutes after each session to reflect.
  • Review your notes.
  • Practice the skills and exercises.

Implementation is the name of the game

This process will explore:

  1. How to support you to make changes in your life
  2. Your work/rejuvenation cycle during your day and week.
  3. How fully you engage your body in your life.
  4. We will:
    1. Track progress of skills implementation between sessions
    2. Track progress towards our goals.

Your feedback is essential

At any time, in any session please let me know what is working, what seems less effective, or what is completely off base.