Why Massage?

Prolonged, excess stress is physically dis-orienting to many layers of our physical body. It disrupts the physiology of mind, communication and relationship. This can disrupt all aspects of your life.

For the Communication Fitness Program the massage and bodywork skills that I offer are designed to support many aspects of mind, communication and relationship.

The communication Fitness Program works best with massage.

But the massage is optional.  

You may choose a ‘clothing-on’ massage. This is a ‘pressure’ style massage that can be very relaxing. This is different than a traditional Swedish massage where the client is dis-robed, and oil is used with long strokes on the body’.

See: All Services  for more information about these issues.

A few of the goals of the massage are to enhance:

Self awareness

Primary orientation

Primary reflex layers

Primary body energy

Social-emotional physiology

Oh … its also a really relaxing experience, just like a traditional Swedish massage.