Stress & Communication;  Stress & Illness

High levels of stress disrupts communication, contributes to illness, and causes conflict.
The toll upon one employee cascades through their team, department and the entire company.
It further cascades to the family, which is often invisible to the eyes of business associates.


To keep your team happy, healthy and engaged; at the office, at home and in life.


  • - One-on-one consultation and treatment for stress related illness and communication challenges.
  • - Skills training and performance routines.  The skills build mind-body techniques to support communication and relationship.  
  • - Somatic, bodywork and massage sessions to enhance embodiment skills.
- Enhanced daily wellness routine
- Effectiveness, speed & synchronicity    
- Improved communication & relationships
- Conflict repair      


Collaboration with
    • - In-house coaching departments
    • - in-house wellness departments
    • - Human Resources and training programs
    • - Employee Assistance Programs
    • - Private Medical Doctors and Clinics
    • - Therapists
Supporting a wide range of stress conditions, including:
- Migraines
- Physical pain conditions
- Impaired speaking, voice isssues, public presence
- Physical illness
- Medical conditions
- Relationship and marital stress, divorce, child issues
- Issues in collaboration with a Mental Health Professional
        - Pre-surgey preparation; Post-surgery recovery

"Your approach to human communication is profound, showing me new levels, dimensions and applications. I was amazed to realize how awareness, focus, tension and relaxation interconnect through the body and influence communication with myself and others."
A. M., San Francisco, CA

"I recommend Daniel unequivocally. I have a high-stress profession, and he has been incredibly responsive with therapies ranging from massage, aromatherapy, and supplement suggestions. He quickly identifies the problem at hand, and provides both support and interventions as warranted. His intuitive understanding of neurophysiology continues to amaze. His massage technique is second to none."
G. L., Corte Madera, CA