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           Love, Magic & Stress


                                      A Valentine's Playshop!


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                           Community Appreciation Event!


                               Two Complimentary Tickets.


                     As an expression of gratitude and support for the community,


                                   You are invited to attend this complimentary event. 


                                          Please RSVP, as Space is Limited.


                                           This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


                     A confirmation email will be sent to you if space is available.


February 16th, 1pm to 3pm


Solstice Mind Body Spa

501 Caledonia St, Sausalito, CA 94965


February 17th, 4pm to 6pm



Pomegranate Yoga Center

25 Tamalpais Ave, San Anselmo, CA 94960



Future Events:

May: San Anselmo, CA. Pomegranate Yoga Center

August: San Anselmo, CA. Pomegrante Yoga Center

November: San Anselmo, CA. Pomegrante Yoga Center


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          You will be more Happy, Connected, Magical & In Love!

Love and intimacy brings happiness and magic, and helps us thrive.
Yet, stress can hurt your relationship, family, health and personal life.
Let go of your stress for valentine’s day and enjoy easier love, connection and intimacy year round!!
Come play in this lively, fun, participatory, experiential event to learn and practice mind-body-somatic skills that dissipate stress and support deeper love, connection, tenderness and magic in relationship.

Open to couples and Singles.
This play shop is a fusion of skills and principles that help you transform stress into connection, nurturing, healing love, and magic. Including:
  • Access your personal magic and bring it to your relationship.
  • Enhance your physical beauty and attractiveness.
  • Create more synchronicity and connection in relationship.
  • Practice rejuvenation and resilience skills.
  • Spark the third, magical energy of relationship, where 1 + 1 = 3.
  • Sustain play and fun in relationship, and avoid stagnant, heaviness.
  • Resolve conflicts with more ease and grace.
  • Create more stability and security in the relationship
  • Understand common elements of stress that effect your relationship.
  • Nurture more tenderness and intimacy.


A universal principle, is that toxic stress can erode your relationship.  Not for lack of love, but for the negative impact upon your body.  Too much stress can cause you to lose the physical, mental and emotional capacity to love and be in relationship.


What is toxic stress?  Toxic stress is stress that is prolonged and excessive beyond your capacity to tolerate. Toxic stress contributes to illness, reduced function in the world, and can harm to your relationship. 


Excess stress can:

  • Dim your spark for life
  • Amplify negative emotions
  • Prevent you from receiving love and nurturing
  • Reduce your ability to be present, compassionate and loving.
  • Loop in emotional churning and arguments, without resolution.
  • Contribute to conflict and separation


Skills and exercises are drawn from:

  1. Integrated Health
  2. Oriental medicine and Chi gong
  3. Sound healing
  4. Kundalini and tantric yogic
  5. Ayurvedic medicine
  6. Somatic psychology and bodywork
  7. Energy psychology and energy healing
  8. Improv Comedy
  9. Western medical science
  10. Neuroscience


This playshop experience will include:

  1. Individual, partner and group exercises.
  2. Mental, emotional, physical and energetic skills for catharsis, connection and resilience.
  3. Physical movement
  4. Meditation and contemplation
  5. Vocalization and singing
  6. Energy healing
  7. Laughter
  8. Emotional expression
  9. And more


Note: the exercises are active and visceral.  The is not a passive observer workshop.  Be prepared to jump in and engage mind-body and spirit. 


Note regarding touch in the workshop.

Some of the exercise include self-touch to your own skin.

In partner exercises,  there is physical touch to the shoulders, arms, and back of another participant.   And, being physically close to another participant, within 6 ".  Please be parpared to participate in the group. 


This playshop is not recommend if you are uncomfortable with social touch or proximity.



The event is 85% active participation (standing, moving, sitting),   15% presentation and listening.    





All tickets are complimentary, in gratitude and support for the community.


Please RSVP, as Space is Limited.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A confirmation email will be sent to you if space is available.


The event starts promptly at the time listed.  Please arrive 15 minutes prior to check in and settle in.


Event Logistics:


Blankets, cushions and some chairs are provided.


You are welcome to take written notes.

No audio recording or photos  allowed during classe.


Cell Phones:


Please plan to place your cell phone on off or vibrate.

Unless you are anticipating an urgent call.


Then stpe outside.


About Daniel Lappin


Daniel is an advanced bodyworker and massage therapist. supporting clients with stress and illness. For over 20 years he has supported hundreds of clients, intimate partners, and families and children.

He is a highly regarded instructor at:

Faculty: Globe Institute of Sound and Consciousness
Guest presenter: Integrated Medicine Network at the University of California San Francisco
Guest presenter: California Institute of Integral Studies
Featured Presenter: Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor Annual Conference

He is in private practice in Mill Valley, CA, and is available for personal sessions that integrate mind-body skills, massage & bodywork, and coaching to support you, your partner, and family. Learn more at