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Enjoy deep comfort with a therapeutic massage.  Chooe from these modalities for your enjoyment:
Deep Tissue
Cranial Sacral
Energy Treatments
Pain Relief
Choose a basic massage style or a more advanced mind-body massage treatment.
Stress hits your life on many layers: health, family, relationship, and job.

An effective resilience tactic is to simulataneously unlock and dissipate the physical layers that grip you: mental, emotional, communication, relationship and deeper body.


Each layers holds a key to recovery. Address them together for best results.


This approach integrates a process for 'mind, expression and story' with hands-on bodywork and massage.


This approach brings deep relief from stress and trauma.

Your mind and your body are  your instrument to fulfill all areas of your life.  Such as:
Life purpose, dreams and visions,
personal and family relationships,
wellness and fitness, business goals,
personal expression.
Artistic expression: Writing, dance, painting,  poetry, theater, healing, music,  jewlery.




About Daniel Lappin

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 California State Certified &
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Organizational Development

Organizational Stress Intervention

Coaching massage

EAP Support

Urgent Trauma Resolution

Train the Trainer

Onsite Massage








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"Helping you thrive:

personally, professionally,

with family and friends.

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