Mind-Body Treatments
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Relaxation & Resilience are the center of your life.
Enjoy the most simple of comfort:
Relaxing, Therapeutic Massage
Energy Treatments
Mind/Body & Meditation Skills
Somatic Therapies
Pain Relief
Experience your session on a
This helps you to remember your center and engage your life force in the face of the challenges, stress and pain of life.
Stress happens anywhere, any time. 
More complicated stress, or Trauma, can happen from:
Challenging Life Events
Illness & Complex Health Conditions
Birthing & Childhood Experiences
Family Inheretance
Physical Accidents
It is a profound journey to explore and resolve stress and trauma from deep within your body. 
A supportive guide can help.
Connect to your dream and make it real!
Whatever your life's work:
Writing, Painting, Dance, Poetry,
Performance, Healing Arts,
Music, Built art, Jewlery,
Product design, Venture start-up,
Family & children, Relationships.
How do you connect to your core passion? What happens when you get disconnected from that source? How do you return to it?
Stay connected to your dream, your vision, and manifest it to reality.
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